More Servings in Diner Dash 2!

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What's different about Diner Dash 2?

More Servings in Diner Dash 2!

Hold on to your salt and pepper! If you thought Diner Dash the original was fun, wait until you see Diner Dash 2! Flo moves from a diner to a patio restaurant frequented by everything from business women to impatient families, and has she got it covered.

Diner Dash 2 offers even more levels of play, instant upgrades available even on the first level and an endless shift that may have you tearing your hair out at the end of eight hours of simulated restaurant rush. As you move through the levels, you'll add even more restaurants to Flo's thriving business and help save her from growing too quickly. Be prepared for even more rowdy customers and complex food orders as this game progresses.



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