Play Mahjongquest and Other Arcade Games Online

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Do you love to play arcade games online? Then try Mahjongquest!

Play Mahjongquest and Other Arcade Games Online

Mahjongquest is an epic tale of one young boy's journey to help bring balance to his country. Kwazi's Quest is an arcade game of epic proportions, so if you like to play arcade games online, check out this tile matching game and get instantly hooked. You can play other players in tournaments, or simply play Mahjongquest all on your own.

It's easy to play, simply match the tiles with the same open tile in the layout. If the tiles do not match, you'll hear a clicking sound, which reminds you to try again. Tiles must be exact matches, and you must clear the entire board before time runs out to move on to the next level. See how high you can score in this never-ending tale of Mahjongquest!



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