Selecting Mystery Case Files Games

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Which mystery case files games should I purchase?

Selecting Mystery Case Files Games

The Mystery Case Files series offers several games for players who enjoy this type of puzzle game. However, with so many options available, some players may have a hard time deciding which games to purchase for download. Taking advantage of free trials and seeking out user reviews can help a player decide which Mystery Case Files games to purchase.

Free trials, like the one offered at, offer players the ability to experience a game first hand before making a purchase. These trial periods are often limited by time, but they offer the player sufficient time to get a feel for the game, view the graphics and experience the sound effects associated with the game. With this information the player can make the decision to either purchase the game or look for a game they may find to be more enjoyable.

Reviews form other players can also be very useful. These reviews from others who have either purchased a particular game or played it during a free trial give a good indication of whether or not other players enjoy the game. Based on this information the player can decide whether or not to purchase it.



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