An Agatha Christie Game for Everyone

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What are some of the popular Agatha Christie games available?

An Agatha Christie Game for Everyone

Some Agatha Christie games include Murder on the Orient Express, And Then There were None and the soon to released Evil Under the Sun. Each Agatha Christie game is based on the popular novels help to bring alive the literature in a whole new way. Players assume the role of one of the characters in the game and work feverishly to solve the mystery at hand.

In Murder on the Orient Express, a fellow passenger is stabbed to death and players must interview suspects and gather clues in an attempt to find the murderer. Much of the dialogue in the game comes directly from the novel, setting the dialogue far above many similar games.

In And Then There were None, ten strangers are invited to a deserted mansion where they are each accused of murder. One by one, the guests in the mansion begin to disappear and the player must search for clues to solve the mystery of who the murderer is and what the motive is for eliminating the guests.



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