Winning at Jewel Quest

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Are there any tips for winning at Jewel Quest

Winning at Jewel Quest

Players who play Jewel Quest regularly devise strategies which can help them to be more successful at the game. However, newer players may be interested in learning a few tips which can make them more successful at the game. One of these tips includes trying to make matches lower on the board. This is important because it makes it more likely for the matches to result in chain reactions. Watching for flashing jewels can also be helpful for players who have having trouble finding matches.

Another useful Jewel Quest tip is to try to eliminate the cursed icons as quickly as possible. This can be helpful because failure to do so may result in the cursed icons becoming more deeply embedded and therefore more difficult to remove later on in the game. Likewise, players should try to get buried items as soon as possible. Otherwise, they may have difficulty retrieving these items if they become surrounded by empty spaces.



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