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Where can I find a free mahjong quest game?

Free Mahjong Quest

Not sure you're going to like the full version of Mahjong Quest? No worries! You can download the game and play it for a full 60 minutes for free, so you can decide if the game is all you hope it will be. Sixty minutes is enough time to make it through several levels of the game, and you can stop and start as often as you like within that 60 minutes, the game will remember who you are and where you left off.

Free Mahjong Quest is a good way to unwind after a long day, and the games are short enough they won't keep you up until the wee hours of the morning. Mahjong Quest is simple enough for children to play too, so you may want to start your own Mahjong Quest tournament for the entire family.

Why should I buy Diner Dash?

Go Ahead, Buy Diner Dash!

The full version of Diner Dash has so many features you'll miss in the online version; it makes sense to invest in the full version if you love this game. The full version that you can download and play right away offers many upgrades that help make the game easier, along with more detailed graphics and game scenarios.

As you play, you'll help Flo become a diner magnate, adding diners and restaurants to make her business a smashing success. You'll also find many more levels of play, that will continue to test you as you become a server extraordinaire!

Can I really play the Apprentice Game online?

The Apprentice Game

You loved the TV show, and now you can have all the excitement of the boardroom and the competitions right on your home computer. Play the Apprentice Game and pit yourself and your teammates against one of the teams that actually played on the hit TV series. Donald Trump plays the host in this online version of the game, and he's just as unyielding as he is on the series!

Don't worry if you're not good at one aspect of business. The Donald will give you many chances to earn enough money to make it through to the next level and outsell your adversaries. Just work hard, and the rewards will follow!

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