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Can I find Fisher-Price online games for my infant?

Fisher-Price Online Games

One of the most trusted names in toddler activity toys and products has an extensive collection of online games, too. Fisher-Price online games are geared to every age of your baby's development, from infant to toddler and preschool. These games are fun, educational and geared to help improve important skills at every stage of early learning.

These games are designed for parents and children to play together, so you'll get a good sense of what your child is learning and how their learning is progressing as you play along. Some are play along, while many of the infant games use colors, sounds and big letters to help teach A,B,C's and other simple concepts. Play along with your child and help them get a head start on learning and comprehension!

Where can I find online activities for toddlers that will keep my toddler busy and happy?

Coloring Online Activities for Toddlers

You're toddler can't get enough of coloring? You're in luck, because there are plenty of online coloring sites to keep your toddler busy coloring and creating for quite a while! You'll also find sites where you can print pages so your toddler can color anywhere they'd like.

Some of these coloring games incorporate learning, like reading or numbers along with the coloring activities, making these multi-purpose online activities for toddlers. If you have older children in the house who need your attention, you may find it difficult to give them the time they need with a toddler in the house. Use some of these online activities for toddlers to keep them busy and happy while you interact with your older children.

Why should I think like a child when I evaluate online games for preschool children?

Online Games for Preschool Children

Most online games for preschool children help them learn new skills – everything from keyboarding to hand eye coordination. Some are just meant to entertain, however, so when you choose a site for online games for preschool children, look for one with a good combination of both kinds of games.

That way, if your child gets tired of the instructional games, they can still find a game that is engaging and fun that will keep them entertained and busy. Remember when you evaluate games, don't look at them for your own entertainment value, view them with the mind of a child to fully evaluate how your children will like them. If your children like them, they'll play them more often and learn more, too!

Where can I find the best free online preschool games?

Free Online Preschool Games

There are plenty of free online preschool games that will teach computer skills, recognition, counting and other necessary skills to your active preschooler. Some of the games are geared for parents to play along, while others are meant for your preschooler to experience alone, so they can interact with the action on the screen and build useful skills.

Free online preschool games should keep your child interested, so you should look for sites that offer a wide variety of games. If they get bored, they can just choose another that looks interesting. In addition, look for good quality graphics and sounds that won't strain little eyes and ears. Many of your favorite television shows, like Sesame Street, offer their own free online preschool games, so check out sites you trust for the best in free online preschool games.

What should I look for to keep my toddler's interested in free online toddler games?

Choose Character-Driven Content in Your Free Online Toddler Games

When you choose free online toddler games, look for high-quality sites that offer you more bang for your "buck." Good sites will offer parenting information as well, and give you tips on what to look for when choosing games for your toddler. Many categorize games by age and interest, so you know exactly what to choose for your toddler.

In addition, look for games with character driven content, so your child feels like they are a part of the action or playing with a trusted friend. Many of the games you see will use engaging characters, like bees, Barbie or other recognizable characters that put your children at ease and make it easier for them to really get into the game. Games that distance your child from the action will quickly become boring, so take some time to choose the right games before your child plays, to give them the best experience with free online toddler games.

What sites offer some of the best free online games for toddlers?

The Best Free Online Games for Toddlers

Some of the sites that offer the best free online games for toddlers include:

  • Fisher-Price:,game_toddler,game_preschool&site=us This site offers a variety of learning games from infant through preschool.
  • Kneebouncers: This site specializes in free online games for toddlers that engage and amuse them.
  • Go Baby: This site sponsored by Disney offers charming sounds, music and some very toddler-friendly games.
  • Sing-Along-Songs: Teach your kids songs that will also teach them about the environment and the natural world.
  • Orisinal: The high points of this site are the many different games it offers, and the delicate, exquisite graphics.

These are just a few of the sites that offer wonderful free online games for toddlers!

Can I find online games for toddlers that cater to my toddler's diverse interests?

Choosing Online Games for Toddlers

Not every toddler is created equal, as any toddler mom can tell you! Some toddlers are engrossed with numbers and letters, while others only want action, action, action! You can find just the right online games for toddlers by evaluating some of the top sites and choosing games that incorporate your child's interests.

No matter what your child enjoys, from animals to football and far beyond, you can find games that feature these interests on some of the top Internet sites. Many of the games are free, or only entail simple downloads that you can set up before your toddler plays. Most of them are subtle learning experiences that lead your toddler on an exciting journey of learning that they don't even recognize as learning at all. So, let them play with their favorite characters in online games, and your toddlers will learn and grow just a little quicker!

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