The Benefits of Playing Bejeweled in the Non-Time Trial Mode

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Are there any useful tips for playing Bejeweled?

The Benefits of Playing Bejeweled in the Non-Time Trial Mode Tip: Bejeweled allows players to play either in time trial mode or non-time trial mode. When playing in time trial mode, players are rewarded by making decisions quickly. However, novice players may find the non-time trial mode of Bejeweled is an excellent way to improve skills and learn more about the game. This is because when playing in non-time trial mode, players have the opportunity to spend a little time thinking about each move carefully. There are typically two or more available moves on the board at each time. One move may be more likely than another to lead to a beneficial cascade. Having the extra time to think about subsequent move can help the player to learn to play the game more efficiently.



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